Vacate Information

Vacate Notice

60-day written notice is required, even if your lease has or is about to expire.  Our office has a vacate form that you can fill out and drop off at our office.  All residents listed on the lease need to sign the vacate form.  Your 60 day notice starts the day that our office receives your notice.    

Deposit Refund

Your deposit is refundable provided there are no damages to your home, your home is left in good and clean condition, and no rent or fees are owed.  It will take up to 30 days to receive your refund check.  We must wait until all the bills that pertain to your move-out come in before we can process your refund check.  If you do not receive your refund check after a 30 days period, please call the main office number.

Vacate Procedures

You MUST do a walk thru with an LTM agent on your scheduled move-out date.  Please call our office at 690-6681 and ask an agent to come and do your walk-thru.  Please be sure to allow enough time on your scheduled move-out date for this walk thru as our agents cannot always come to your house immediately.  If you do a walk thru on the day after your scheduled move-out date, you will be charged for that extra day.  Please take weekends and holidays into consideration as our office may be closed.