Commercial Rental Space

Summer Wood Place Shopping Center

Luxury Townhouse offers commercial rental property in a great West Knoxville location on Middlebrook Pike between Gallaher View and Cedar Bluff.  It is very convenient to I-40 and gets great drive-by traffic. If you are interested in leasing an available space for your business, please contact our office at 865-690-6681.

For more information on the locally owned businesses already residing in our shopping center, click on the links below.  


1019 Summer Wood Rd

Street Beatz Studio

Street Beatz Studio is a community dance center that rents their studio space on an hourly basis for classes, parties, private lessons, workshops and more. Teach a class, take a class or host a party!



1023 Summer Wood Rd &

M & M BBQ & Catering

M&M BBQ is some of the best BBQ in Knoxville.  Their goal is to serve you the best Barbeque that you can eat at an affordable price. Catering available


1039 Summer Wood Rd

P & HR Solutions

P&HR Solutions prides itself on taking the complexities out of small to mid-size companies for their payroll administration, tax compliance, human resources, and workers’ compensation because most often they do not have the staff or expertise to handle these functions. We work with clients to get your specific outsourcing needs and then customize a unique solution to help you stay compliant and reduce overhead so you can concentrate on the mechanics of increasing your business and maximizing profitability.


1037 Summer Wood Rd

Luxury Townhouse Management

Luxury Townhouse offers rental homes and commercial space in West Knoxville in various locations. To see what we have coming available,  click here.


Office/Retail space available. $705 per month. You pay utilities. Call 865-690-6681 for more info.


1025 Summer Wood Rd

Faith Covenant Christian Church


1027 & 1029 Summer Wood Rd

1035 Summer Wood Rd